About us

We are a team of digital developers and designers, based in the UK and Italy. We work with open source software and agile methodologies and place a strong emphasis on user experience. We are specialists in developing sites for charities, NGOs, educational institutions.

As a socially minded company, we contribute to our communities, seek to minimise our environmental impact and ensure sustainability in our work practices. 

Agile Collective is a Worker Co-operative

Our company is governed as a worker co-operative. Our legal structure is that of a limited compan but our articles and memorandum of association lay out the co-operative principles by which we own and govern the company.

In practice this means that all full time employees can become a member of the co-operative to take an equal ownership and control of the company. As we are not working to make profit for third party investors or owners, all profit is reinvested into the company to improve our services and further our mission. This engenders a great sense of ownership, responsibility and engagement from all staff and a strong dedication to the clients we work with and their objectives.

Financial resilience

Worker owned companies have repeatedly demonstrated their resilience in time of economic uncertainty, perhaps because the employees have a greater sense of ownership and are more likely to adapt to ensure the longevity of the company. Research suggests that worker owned companies have consistently outperformed their non worker-owned competitors. This is good news for those of us who work in a worker co-operative, and also good news for our clients.

Quality Assurance

We are an ISO 9001 certified company and Quality Assurance is at the heart of how we run our business and our creative web projects. Each feature of a project has agreed success criteria associated with it and thorough functional and cross device/browser testing is a required part of each deliverable piece of project functionality.

The Team

Finance Director
Technical Director
Project Lead
Director / Developer
Creative Director
Sys Admin & Developer
Technical Lead