Welcome to the Agile Collective blog!

Maria takes a sideways look at all things agile and collective.

We love our jobs and we hope that we can spread a little of our enthusiasm!

We take knowledge-sharing seriously, each of us having benefited from the wealth of wisdom available out there and believing that perhaps someone somewhere can benefit a little from our collective knowledge and individual mistakes.

Agile Collective formed in late 2011, the idea amalgamating in a smoky bar on a stormy night. Searching for the most excellent model for the business, the six founding directors bravely set forth down the road of cooperation.

Two years and two new members on, some days it seems as though we are only just starting. Each quarter throws up new challenges as we grow: formulating and agreeing on a transparent pay scale, a management structure, a business plan. We all wear many hats: we have a job title, we all head a managerial crew, we are all part of another one, and we are all members of the cooperative with the associated rights and responsibilities. But the best part of what we do is design, build and develop, support and maintain the websites for our amazing clients, who are predominantly charities, academic establishments and cooperatives.

Our hope for this blog is a travelogue of our adventures in the lands of co-operative, open source, ethical web-development.

The technical among us might allow us in to the deep gold-mines of their minds, sharing some of their codey wisdom. Perhaps some of the creative types might offer us some of their magic…  As we have built our company around the principles of cooperation, it’s only fitting that we document some of the benefits, and trials, of trying to operate as a co-operative. Did I mention Drupal yet? I expect that might be mentioned at some point too. Oh, and agile… we definitely do that too...