Community Shares

The Community Shares programme is designed to be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in community shares. Working alongside Creative Concern, we created a new design for the Community Shares Unit and the framework for an enormous directory that could be bulk updated.

Other new elements included FAQ, news and notifications systems, a user forum and a new homepage to give the site a fresh modern look.

Agile Collective developed a highly functional and dynamic website for the Community Shares Unit, which now acts as a key support tool to offer advice, guidance and information on community shares. The team quickly understood how the site could cater for the various audiences of enterprises, supporters and advisers, but also built sophisticated features to allow the project team to help achieve its objectives, such as maintaining a community shares directory and offering a interactive guidance document. They also engaged positively with the branding and design of the Community Shares Unit and applied this thoughtfully to the theming of the website.

Simon Borkin, Co-operatives UK