Forest 500

Image of Forest 500 home page

In Global Canopy's own words "Forest 500 is the world’s first rainforest rating agency". They have developed a complex ranking system to highlight the most infuential companies, financial and government institutions in forest risk commodity supply chains to hold them to account in the move towards a deforestation-free gloabl economy. 

Due to annual funding restrictions, we have been gradually developing the site over serveral phases. The aim of Phase 1 was to develop the brand identity, including logo and messaging and to build the website, migrating the first set of assessments of the 500 powerborkers. 

In Phase 2, we have further developed the messaging and extended the complex migration to create a yearly import and export of the 500 powerbrokers and their assessments.

In Phase 3, we helped to work on a brand refresh to build on the first 2 years and enable the campaign to have more impact. We worked closely with Global Canopy's in-house designer to revamp the colour scheme, header and footer, and redesign the layout and UX of the homepage and key landing pages.