International Land Coalition


The context

The International Land Coalition (ILC) have over 150 members worldwide who ensure that millions of people can secure their land rights to produce food, work and enjoy other basic human rights. In 2015, following the launch of a new strategic framework, Agile Creative created a fully responsive redesign of ILC’s public facing website.

One year on, the ILC realised they needed a better way to balance the publication needs of the regional offices alongside the global organisation. In addition to this, they had significantly updated their logo and brand guidelines, leaving the website out of step with their printed materials.

The solution

By examining analytics and interviewing site users we came to understand the complexity of the informational relationships between different regional subsites and the global site. The site structure was overhauled and the regions promoted to the top level of the site. We ensured a more equal representation of regional content in lists of news, resources and related content by creating new content management functionality, whilst increasing use of ILC’s rich visual content. 

By designing in the browser we rapidly implemented the new brand, adapting and extending as each new component was built.

The outcome

Regional communications officers now report great satisfaction maintaining their content on the new site and feel more strongly connected to the global ILC brand. Content management is now easier for all administrators. The increased control regional offices now have over their content is helping to increase public awareness of key regional issues and events.

ILC 2016 screenshots