Pelagios Commons

Pelagios Commons

The problem

The Pelagios project had developed some very popular subsites, to the extent that the main brand was diluted. In the meantime, the main site failed to convey exactly what the project was and suffered from poor menu structure. In addition, the team had recently chosen to move their site to Commons in a Box, community forum software based on Wordpress.

The solution

The first task was to understand the key messages that the team needed to convey and to help express them succinctly. We created user personae to explore the requirements of the large number of different groups of visitors that Pelagios receives. 

Meanwhile, the visual rebrand began with the logo, which we completely redesigned by going back to the idea of networks and places that underpinned the project.

The outcome

With the assistance of the Pelagios team we completely overhauled the information architecture and menu structure. We devised a homepage that promoted the key messages and incorporated the new brand and logo and suggested imagery. As the budget was limited we then applied the theme in several passes: generally to every page and with extra design consideration to top-level pages and key areas such as the forum.

Even though we were on a tight budget, Agile Collective approached our project not only with professional care and attention but also with great enthusiasm. By talking through our aims and objectives with the Agile team, we were able to get a much better grasp ourselves of what it was that we wanted to do and therefore provide a much clearer message to our users. As for design - seeing the proposed website for the first time gave us the wow factor. A hearty thanks from us all!

Elton Barker, Community Director, Pelagios Commons