Remembering the Reformation

Remembering the Reformation

The challenge

Like many a research project in the humanities, Remembering the Reformation needed a site to explain its research to the wider world, but also to encourage interaction from a wide range of audiences that included school teachers, academics, the general public and funding bodies.

The approach

The site needed to be striking and informative. Agile Collective worked rapidly with the project team to discover the aims of the site and to suggest the best way of conveying its messages to different audiences. We proposed significant use of images and an implementation of Drupal 8, which was still in its infancy.

The outcome

Our discovery meetings helped produce a better understanding of the project, not just for us but for the Remembering the Reformation team themeselves. We devised a logo that used the two Rs of the project name in order to imply echoing or memory, and which also mimicked a person’s head and shoulders. At the same time, we agreed on the most appropriate functionality for the site and used the logo to inspire the design, whose blacks, whites and reds referred to early modern printing.

Thank you so much for all your work. The visual dynamic and the attention to detail are both arresting and at the same time sensitive, and it all somehow caresses the eye. The logo, with a sense of talking heads merging with a very simple branding, looks great. This is a really classy website

Professor Brian Cummings. Co-investigator, Remembering the reformation